ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2 spoilers: A possible title for Hollis Doyle

ScandalWith some upcoming “Scandal” season 2 episodes being more of the standalone variety, this does allow for some more opportunities for there to be episodes that focus more on some individual characters … including a certain someone who has quite a story to tell.

According to a new report from SpoilerTV, the 17th episode of the show (which will presumably air on March 28 pending a last-second switch) will be referred to as “Snake in the Garden.” If you recall from earlier this season, Mellie used almost these words verbatim in order to describe Hollis, and with that in mind it’s pretty difficult to really figure out just who else this could even be a reference to.

This title also makes even more sense when you consider the fact that the show recently cast the character’s wife, and in order to bring a woman like that into the fold, you have to have a story that spends a substantial amount of time focusing on them. While Hollis’ world is not something that we figure that everyone out there really wants much of a window into, it will still be interesting to see from this perspective.

What also is rather interesting here is that in giving us more of Gregg Henry’s character, Shonda Rhimes may be tipping her hat that this is a character that could be sticking around for a while. Hollis was not a part of season 1, but has had a pretty substantial presence for most of the year so far.

What do you think that this title means? We want to hear some more of your thoughts below, and you can head over to the link here to grab some details on the show’s March 21 episode.

Photo: ABC

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