NCIS season 20 episode 7 photo: A tough interrogation?

NCIS season 20As so many of you out there already know, NCIS season 20 episode 7 is airing on November 14; in other words, we gotta wait a while.

Will this wait prove to be worth it? We hope so, given that a lot of early details about “Love Lost” suggest that it’s going to be one of the more fascinating stories of the season. You’ve got in here an intense, dramatic case that could upend the entire hierarchy when it comes to those above NCIS.

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If you haven’t seen the official details for this episode yet, the Secretary of the Navy is going to be accused of attempted murder by none other than her husband! This is probably the last case that McGee and Parker probably thought they’d be working on and yet, here they are. The photo above is of the two of them in Interrogation, so the question then becomes simple: Who are they questioning? Is it the Secretary, or someone trying to frame them?

If this husband is making these accusations loudly, there are only a couple of explanations. First, of course, is the obvious: The Navy Secretary is actually guilty. Another is that the husband was paid off or is being threatened to implicate her. There are a LOT of people out there who could want someone in such a position dead, and this is why we tend to think that nothing here is anywhere near as clear-cut as it seems on the surface. Within the world of this show, very few things are.

Of course, we’re still not letting go of the possibility that if this Secretary ends up losing her post, Vance could get a promotion … and that could lead to McGee getting his job. Wasn’t that set up well earlier this season?

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What are you expecting to see on NCIS season 20 episode 7?

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