The Resident season 6 episode 2: Conrad and Billie’s talk…

The ResidentTonight, The Resident season 6 episode 2 had a lot going on from start to finish, but especially when it comes to Conrad’s love life.

As it was established in the season 6 premiere, we saw Matt Czuchry’s character decide to pursue a relationship with Cade. That made some sense given what they went through last season, and also the feelings that were clearly there between the two.

However, there are obviously some other feelings here that you have to consider, especially when it comes to how Billie feels about him. The conversation the two shared in the elevator was meaningful, though we do still wonder how in the world he doesn’t see that Billie cares as much as she does. It feels so obvious! Yet, a part of this may just be what Conrad says: He sees Nic every time that he sees her, and he even asked Billie whether or not Nic would be okay with him trying to move on. You could see Billie trying to mask how she really felt, being nice to Conrad while still trying to handle her pain.

We’ve said this a few times over, and we’ll repeat it now: We still think that this potential relationship is far from over, and it could be a journey. Conrad is going to explore things further with Cade but, at some point, but we do think that he’s going to get some more of a sense about Billie.

For now…

We do think there is one primary issue that Conrad has on his mind, and it’s thanks to what Cade said at the end of the episode. Is her father using again? She made it clear to him that she looks out for any possible signs, and there are some here already that are starting to be a few signs that make her nervous. This is going to dovetail in a BIG way to next week’s episode, so prepare for that accordingly.

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