Big Brother 24 spoilers: The live feeds are done! The goodbyes

Big BrotherFor everyone who has watched the Big Brother 24 live feeds this season, we are 100% at the end of an era now. Live feeds are over!

At about 10:00 a.m. Big Brother Time, the feeds shut down for good. They’ll obviously return next summer and while there is no season 25 yet, that feels largely inevitable. This is one of CBS’ most-important shows, especially when it comes to Paramount+ revenue.

If nothing else, let’s celebrate the fact that Big Brother got Turner, Taylor, and Monte up before feeds went down to say their goodbye. They each had a little message for us all. (To see more game-talk from overnight and final two scenarios, visit the link here.)

Turner – This one was by far the funniest, mostly because he thanked everyone despite us all “lining the pockets of a big corporation.” (We’re paraphrasing here, but that’s the gist.) He’s also grateful to have a job this summer, but doesn’t he also have the rug store? Turner’s decision-making at times, especially with Dyre Fest, was super-frustrating; however, he also had a ton of funny moments and we appreciate his role in Muffingate immensely.

Taylor – She gave us a pretty heartfelt thank-you to feeders, especially those who were advocates for her and helped to flip the narrative of her on the outside. She doesn’t know for sure that’s happened, but she hopes. Little does Taylor know BB Twitter has receipts on everything showing how she was mistreated for most of the season. She’s gonna get a lot of love and may even be AFP.

Monte – He expressed hope that viewers enjoyed this crazy 82-day journey — and also hoped that one of the people left is a fan favorite. He’s right that there is a fan favorite left, though it’s not him. Monte is probably the most likely winner left, largely because he goes to the final two for sure unless Turner makes a surprise decision. He’s going to have to explain some things (especially his conversations about Taylor) after the game, but no doubt he did a good job managing most of the jury.

Of course…

Thanks to everyone reading our live-feed updates all season! Stay tuned, as we have more finale coverage on the way. Live-feed coverage is a huge undertaking, and we’re grateful to everyone who allows us to do it.

What did you like the most about the Big Brother 24 live feeds?

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