NCIS season 20: Any happier times for Torres ahead?

NCISWe know that NCIS season 20 episode 2 is going to be airing on CBS this Monday but for the sake of this article, we’re looking ahead! In particular, we want to get into the long-term future for one of the show’s most important characters in Nick Torres.

At this point, it goes without saying that there’s a lot to dive into when it comes to this guy. He went through a LOT of difficult stuff last season, starting with Bishop’s departure and then seeing a mentor in Gibbs leave the team. He was also recovering from everything with his father and after all of this, started drinking too much. He was in a bad way, and it caused him to shut down more and more over time.

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So is there a chance for happiness with the guy this season? We wouldn’t be surprised if, at least in the early going, we saw some lighter stuff for Torres. Remember that one of the big reasons why this show works is that they present a variety of stories at all times. There’s some heavy drama going on with Parker right now in the wake of everything with the Raven, and it would be nice for Nick to have either a few victories in his life or get a moment to breathe without any further trauma. Also, Wilmer Valderrama is a comedic actor; it feels like a mistake to drift far away from something that you know that he’s good at.

Like with the most of the cast, though, we tend to think any real happiness he finds will be met with more drama. We just hope that this is the season that he can fully reconcile his past and start to move forward. He’s always been somewhat of a rebel and he’s had his fair share of demons, but we know that Nick Torres is a good person in the end.

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What do you think we’re going to see for Torres moving further into NCIS season 20?

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