HBO puts entire House of the Dragon premiere online for free

House of the DragonWhen it comes to the massive success of House of the Dragon at present, HBO is sending a clear message: They can’t get enough.

Late last week, the network (through their HBO Max streaming service) decided to go ahead and put the entire series premiere on their YouTube. This is not something that we often see from HBO, but we think there are a couple of key motivators behind it: A way to remind viewers that this show is worth sinking your teeth into even after Game of Thrones, and then also a direct shot at Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power over at Amazon. (It may unfair to compare the two shows constantly, but we will say that for now, House of the Dragon is winning this battle and doing so by a decent margin.)

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There’s no denying how monumental a success House of the Dragon has been since its premiere. There was no guarantee that this was going to be a show that brought viewers back to the franchise, but that has easily turned out to be the case. Creatively, it has turned out to be engrossing, well-acted, and full of visual feats. The battle sequence at the Stepstones in episode 3 in particular was the stuff of greatness and threw us right back into this world.

We know that there’s a season 2 renewal already confirmed at HBO and with that in mind, the next question to think about is simply this: How many other spin-offs could this series watch? Is there a larger ceiling that it could eventually reach?

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