Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: The new HoH’s plan (day 59)

Michael Bruner Big BrotherWelcome to day 59 in the Big Brother 24 house! On paper, we could have a pretty straightforward week … or will we? There are always options in this game.

We should start things off now with a quick reminder that Michael (again) won Head of Household. Because of this being the final seven, he will compete now in every Veto for the rest of the season. Getting him out is that much more difficult and on paper, he’s the #1 threat to win.

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Is that really the case? We do think him and Brittany holding onto Kyle’s comments will come back to bite them, as nobody really bought their reasoning for it over the past few days. Terrance has already made it clear it will have an impact big-time on his jury vote. It’s also something that is still being discussed throughout the house — Monte mentioned it to turner overnight, and there could be speculation that this makes Michael a bit more beatable at the end of the game even if he makes it there.

Michael’s current plan is to nominate Alyssa and Terrance, and he’d prefer Terrance to be the one to go this week. He’s suggested that Turner would likely be the replacement nominee if one of them goes down, but he’d really like to keep him safe in exchange for him nominating Kyle last week. Taylor’s already warned Monte that if things start to change and he’s the person in danger, she will let him know. Monte is slowly working on pulling Taylor over to him and Turner rather than Michael and Brittany, but that’s going to be hard given that Turner has nominated her for eviction in the past.

The real truth for Michael at the moment is this: He’s probably going to get nominated at this point if he isn’t HoH and doesn’t win Veto. Maybe that’s not the case if Brittany is in power, but from his vantage point, he’s just trying to get rid of the people who are 100% against him. That’s why he may not be as concerned about Monte’s threat level at the moment … but we’ll see what the day brings.

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