Animal Kingdom potential spin-off: The best place to air it

Animal Kingdom

If we ever got a spin-off to Animal Kingdomat this point one thing is clear: It wouldn’t be on TNT. The network is moving away from scripted programming, as sad as that idea makes us.

So let’s play a bit of a hypothetical game here for a moment, and let’s say that we actually get a spin-off to the series at some point down the road. Where should it air? What’s the best venue for it? We do think there’s room to talk about some of this stuff a little bit further.

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On paper, it’s an easy argument to say that Amazon would be the perfect venue for such a show, given that tonally, they’ve done some similar stuff over the past few years. Plus, they are already the streaming home for the past five seasons. why not keep that synergy going for a little while longer? At the very least, this is a pretty fun idea.

For the sake of this article, though, let’s go in a slightly different direction: What about HBO Max? They share a parent company with TNT, and airing there would enable a spin-off to go a little bit darker even than what we saw on cable. Also, let’s face it: This streaming service needs some good PR at this point. The only major problem at the moment is that they’ve also been cutting a lot of programming, and it’s hard to imagine them picking up more.

Now that we’ve said all of this, does anyone else think 100% the best spin-off is Deran Cody trying to find Adrian, and the two building a new life alongside Renn and her and Craig’s son Nick? There’s at least potential here.

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What would you have wanted to see on an Animal Kingdom spin-off?

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