Animal Kingdom season 7: What could it have been?

Animal Kingdom

It is still difficult to imagine the idea of Animal Kingdom being over at TNT, even if the show gave us a certain element of closure.

However, you can also argue that there are at least a few loose ends still out there … enough that they could have told another story even after this. We recognize that it’s not happening for a variety of reasons, but isn’t it still a fun thing to talk through here? If they ever wanted to do a season 7, we’ve got a pretty interesting idea of what it could look like.

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Let’s start here with J, who got much of what he wanted and yet, still looked unhappy at the end of the series finale. Does he know that Deran is still alive and if so, what does he want to do about it? He may consider what’s happened to be revenge enough; he’s killed before, but we never saw murder as 100% a part of the plan for his uncles. He’s not responsible for what happened to either Craig or Pope, at least in terms of their deaths.

Meanwhile, if you’re Deran, we could see a season 7 journey being two-fold: Trying to reunite with Renn, Nick, and Adrian, and also trying to figure out what to do with J. What has made J such a tremendously flawed character is that his logic is 100% skewed. There’s no denying that Julie was gravely mistreated, and we understand the revenge he got on Smurf because of it. Yet, Pope was abused and manipulated, and Deran and Craig were so young for a lot of what happened. He may feel like J went too far. Would he fight back, or just try to move forward with his life?

Beyond TNT getting out of the scripted-programming game, we also understand that it’s hard to do a season 7 without two of the Cody Boys. Still, all of this is fun and interesting to think about.

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What do you think the story for Animal Kingdom season 7 could be?

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