Animal Kingdom series finale: Did Deran reunite with Adrian?

Animal Kingdom

We recognize fully that there are a lot of big questions worth thinking about following the Animal Kingdom series finale, but here’s a big one: Did Deran manage to find Adrian? Was there a reunion between these two after so much time apart?

Here are some of the facts as they were presented at the end of the TNT drama. Deran was there for Craig when he died, and in that moment, he promised that he would be a father to Nick and look after him. We know it was always his plan to start anew elsewhere, and he loved Adrian. He was one of the most important people in his life.

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While there is a certain element of the finale that was up for interpretation, showrunner Daniele Nathanson tells TV Fanatic that the writers do have their own, personal vision of how all of this ends:

…He’s going to get his brother’s girlfriend, their kid, and then go find his boyfriend, and hopefully, it’s going to work out. I believe true love will elevate that. And I believe that they will be a family unit, and then who knows what would happen from there. But that’s what I believe all the writers we were all discussing. That’s what we think happens.

Because that’s the ending that we want for Deran at the end of all of this, it’s the story we are most willing to accept. We obviously know that there are a lot of other bumps in the road still, but there’s a chance for eventually, all of these characters to start over without Smurf and the baggage of the past. We like to think they’ll be able to do just that.

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Do you think that Deran and Adrian eventually reunite after the Animal Kingdom series finale?

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