Animal Kingdom series finale: Did J really love Penny?

Animal Kingdom

When you look at Animal Kingdom as a series in its totality, it’s easy to have a lot of questions — with several involving J.

One of the big ones that we’ve often thought about personally is whether or not Finn Cole’s character is even capable of love, as he was often so emotionally distant and would rarely share his feelings with anyone else. With Penny, he made a quick connection and even planned for a future with her … only to kill her when she decided that she didn’t want to leave the country. There was some distrust there, largely due to him planning such a wide array of things behind her back.

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So here is the big question: Did J really love Penny? Or, was she always just a means to an end for him? Speaking to TVLine, here is some of what showrunner Daniele Nathanson had to say about the fact here:

“I think it’s a classic tale of falling in love with the mark … he targeted her, and I know he didn’t plan on putting his plan [to betray his uncles] into action as soon as he did, but he had to when Pope confessed [to Catherine’s murder].

“That was one of the reasons he was angry when Pope went to jail. because it screwed up his long con. It sped it up. When Pope confesses, J tells Penny, ‘You should move into an apartment [I own].’ Those things are tied.”

The EP later confirms that J did love Penny and truly wanted her to go off with him. It’s not something that was planned or expected, but those feelings are what made the end result here are the more soul-crushing for him. Sure, J had women around him in the closing minutes of the episode … but he wasn’t happy. We’re not sure that he will ever be happy.

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Following the Animal Kingdom series finale, do you think that J will ever find happiness?

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