Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: What Kyle said & the aftermath

Kyle Capener Big BrotherThe past day and a half of Big Brother 24 live feeds has been extremely difficult to piece together; that’s what happens when there are so many outages.

What is abundantly clear to everyone is this: Yesterday, Michael and Brittany outed Kyle for discussing the idea of an alliance to counter a potential Cookout — which, we reiterate, was never discussed by anyone. All of his comments were unfounded. The two spread the information around starting with Monte and Taylor, and eventually it got to the point where Turner decided that he needed to put Kyle on the block.

This is, in a nutshell, where we are right now. Michael took Brittany off the block, and now Kyle is up versus Taylor. (As we mentioned earlier, Terrance questioned why Michael would leave Taylor up there, especially after the events of the past 36 hours.)

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Let’s get into more of what we’ve learned since the Veto Ceremony here, since there is a lot. In a conversation with Terrance, Monte relayed to us that at some point while feeds were down, Kyle stood up in the living room and said something to the effect of “I think my comments were rooted in race.” It sounds as though he has acknowledged what he said and apologized for it, so he hasn’t taken the route where he denies and hides away from accountability after the show is over. We mentioned that Terrance floated the idea of keeping Kyle in the game, but Monte responded in a pretty apt way: By noting that there needs to be consequences to his actions. Kyle being evicted this week is a consequence. Him facing America after the fact will be a consequence. Monte and Terrance don’t want Kyle to be ostracized and feel like there is room for forgiveness there … but he is still going to be evicted.

Meanwhile, Terrance and Brittany also talked through some of their issues — at some point last night, he laid pretty heavily into her and Michael, and it could have been in a number of things. For starters, not telling Taylor and Monte earlier about Kyle’s comments, and also not addressing it with him after the fact. (Monte was the one to relay the information to Terrance instead — it sounds as though Monte offered to do that, but feeds were down, again, for a lot of that.)

On a game level, Terrance ended up telling Brittany that Kyle revealed the Leftovers even before the nominations happened at Dyre Fest. She already learned about the After Party in the last 24 hours.

Finally, Monte and Turner are currently talking, and Monte is mostly using the opportunity to drag Terrance for even thinking about keeping Kyle — which he thinks is really more about Terrance just wanting to get out Taylor.

Where do you think Big Brother 24 will go from here?

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