Community movie negotiations happening, claims Dan Harmon

CommunityFor everyone who thought that a Community movie was nothing more than a pipe dream, let’s just say that dreams do come true.

In a new interview with The Wrap (where he was primarily promoting the upcoming season of Rick and Morty), creator Dan Harmon followed up some recent comments by Alsion Brie in saying that there is a serious chance of this movie coming together. “Six seasons and a movie” may actually be real:

“I’ll confirm what Alison said which is that legitimacy is here, conversations and agreements are happening … There’s a story – who knows if we’ll end up sticking to it, but it was something we had to compile in order to take it out and court various venues. And now negotiations happen.”

Harmon cautioned that a movie could still be years away, given that you do have to find an interested outlet and get the cast back together. The bulk of this cast has other jobs, including Ken Jeong on The Masked Singer, Joel McHale on Stargirl, and of course Donald Glover as an A-list star. (It still remains to be seen if Glover, who left during season 5, would even be back for a movie.)

We will at least say that it feels like the right time for a movie to come to fruition, largely because the show has found a new life for itself on Netflix and Glover’s Atlanta is wrapping up later this year. If there was ever a chance to make it happen, it does feel like now is it. We also do think Netflix makes the most sense given that the show is already there, and also it’d buy the streaming service some goodwill after a controversial 2022 made up of cancellations and concerns about whether or not it is becoming too expensive for the average viewer.

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