Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 12 photo: Craig, Deran plan

Animal KingdomAre you ready for Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 12 to arrive on TNT this weekend? We sure hope so, as this one has so much it is bringing to the table. For starters, it is the penultimate episode of the series, and there are going to be a lot of big-time challenges that the Cody Boys face.

What’s the most obvious one? Seeing if they can get Pope out of prison, since that is not going to be a remotely easy thing to do for a number of different reasons. Take, for starters, the fact that the entire Cody family is going to be heavily scrutinized. They all have a reputation in Oceanside for a reason, and plenty of people are going to be super-intent on taking them down however they can.

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So what’s going on in the photo above from episode 12? Our take on it, at least for the time being, is that we’re seeing Craig and Deran not only trying to plan for the prison break, but also what they are going to do after the fact. These guys want to start on over, but we tend to think that doing this is going to be so much more difficult than any of them would think. Even if they get Pope out of prison, they have to still get out of the country, and they also have to be confident that all of the Cody Boys are going to remain on the same page. We think we’ve seen enough of this show to know there is no guarantee of that.


Head over here to get another preview for this weekend’s episode, as J is going to visit Pope behind bars. What will they talk about? Odds are, whether or not Pope is ready to be on the outside, and what he can do to help.

What do you think we’re going to see for Deran and Craig on Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 12?

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