Only Murders in the Building season 2 episode 9: About a painting

Only Murders in the BuildingWe know that there are a LOT of questions so many of us have entering Only Murders in the Building season 2 episode 9, but there’s also a huge question that needs to be tackled.

So what is it? We’re talking here about something pretty simple: What in the world is going on with the Rose Cooper painting? How is it tied into everything? This was a big story in the first couple of episodes and since that point, it has practically disappeared.

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Sure, we presume that it is very-well possible that the whole painting storyline is a red herring, but we have a hard time imagining that. Why would there be a doctored painting out there? Clearly at some point, there was a person who wanted to swap these out and believes there is value in the original. Also, there has to be meaning that Charles’ father is in said painting, and that Alice is a part of this story and could seemingly reproduce a pretty good duplicate.

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The only explanation for the painting being involved in the story but not the murder is that, somehow, it was used to simply frame Charles — that he discovered the painting and wanted to have it. If that is the case, though, why would he have a doctored copy? Something doesn’t quite add up.

Let’s use that puzzle analogy that the show loves so much; for now, it is clear that the writers have given us a ton of pieces. The struggle is that for now, we’re having a hard time putting the pieces in their proper spots.

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What do you think we’re going to learn about this painting entering Only Murders in the Building the rest of the way?

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