The Challenge USA episode 6 video: Tyson vs. Sarah & Ben

Tyson The Challenge USAAs we all prepared for The Challenge USA episode 6 on CBS tomorrow night, you probably assumed that drama was coming. Tyson tried to make a big move in sending Leo & Sarah down to the Arena. He recognized (thanks in part to Cayla) that Ben had it out for him. Because of that, he wanted to take down one of his closest allies.

The differences between Tyson, Ben, and Sarah in the sneak preview are pretty darn clear. Tyson seems pretty calm about the whole ordeal, and says that if someone sends him into elimination and he goes, he may be frustrated but still wish them the best. He seems to be far more perturbed about how emotional other people are taking this — to the point where they, in his mind, “shouldn’t play any games” if they act this way.

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Well, the truth is that it’s not just a game when there is so much money on the line. We probably have more of Tyson’s attitude personally, but he couldn’t have expected that Sarah and Ben would be okay about how things played out. Any trust that was there between them is now gone, and there is a good chance that some of this Survivor alliance is now going to crumble. We definitely envision Tyson being down in the Arena at some point before the final, mostly because he’s such a huge threat and it makes sense to get him out if you can. It’s really just about timing, and trying to hit him when he has a vulnerable partner or there is some other sort of advantageous time to make the move.

It’s far too early to say what’s going to happen here, especially when so much does depend on those partners. We’re just hoping for something entertaining from top to bottom.

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