The Orville season 4: If renewed, what could be explored?

The Orville TallaWe’re only thirty-six hours removed from the season 3 finale of The Orville and yet, we miss the show already. It’s hard not to! We expected that the Seth MacFarlane sci-fi series would be able to do big things in its new home in Hulu, but we still think we underestimated it on some level. New Horizons was absolutely phenomenal television, from the visual effects to the overall scope of its stories. They took creative risks while also telling stories that were topical and relatable to viewers all over the world.

In some ways, we recognize that season 3 ended in a way that gave the audience closure: Claire and Isaac are married, and most of the crew seems to be happy with where they stand in the universe. Yet, there are still some other things that could be explored should the series be renewed … which it really should be.

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First and foremost, consider the possibility of Lysella as more of a full-time member of the crew! Following Charly Burke’s death, there is a clear spot that needs to be added. She still is very green to life aboard the ship and the technology, but with some training over time, who knows what she could become? There is a lot that could be explored here.

Also, there are still some other interesting relationships beyond Claire and Isaac. Take John and Talla, who had a brief romance that was quickly undid by the fact that he kept accidentally hurting him. Is there a way for this to ever be rectified? The two clearly care a lot about each other, and there is just a physical limitation holding them back. We also wonder more about Kelly and Ed’s relationship long-term, but there was a conscious effort in season 3 to just show them as really good friends rather than exes on the verge of getting back together.

Finally, remember the stakes that the Union is facing. The Moclan – Krill alliance could still cause some serious problems for them moving forward. Even though the Kaylon are no longer a threat, others remain … and there is still a possibility the Kaylon do not remain friendly forever. There are a number of different things to consider from an action standpoint. What makes the show great is that it can do awesome episodes like “Domino” that are epic in scale, but then go back and do something a little more intimate in the finale.

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What sort of stories would you personally like to see in a potential The Orville season 4?

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