The Orville season 4: Is it renewed, canceled at Hulu? The latest

The OrvilleFollowing this week’s big finale on Hulu, what are the chances of The Orville season 4 realistically happening? It feels like now is the right time for a deep dive.

The first thing that we should lay out here are the facts. As of right now, the streaming service has yet to confirm anything. The Orville has already had quite the circuitous run on television. It started off for two seasons at Fox before moving to its current home. There was a long hiatus between season 2 and 3 a.k.a. New Horizons, brought on by both the global health crisis and the long post-production window required for a show this epic in nature. Unfortunately, the long hiatus has meant that the contracts on Seth MacFarlane and the entire cast are long expired, which means that if the show is renewed, they would need to be re-signed to new deals.

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Is that possible? Absolutely, and we would wager that getting the cast on board is actually the least of the show’s concerns moving into another season. The big question is whether The Orville as a show is financially viable for Hulu and/or parent company Disney. The science-fiction series comes with a hefty price tag thanks to its special effects, full orchestra, and elaborate makeup and set design that is required for just about every episode. We are also in an era where networks/streaming services are desperate to cut costs. Look at the potential bloodletting that is about to happen over at HBO Max and be grateful that is not happening to Hulu at present.

We do believe that the streaming service and Disney do want more seasons of The Orville — they would not be launching the first three seasons on Disney+ next week otherwise. They clearly don’t see it as redundant since they already have Star Wars. All of this is encouraging, but in the end, this will come down to a business decision. Final word on a season 4 could take time, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

The one thing we do know is this: If The Orville gets canceled, there is going to be an enormous outcry. This series has quietly become the best ongoing science-fiction show on TV, and it speaks to both current events and the value of imagination in a way few others do.

In the end…

We are cautiously optimistic The Orville could consider in some form, whether it be another season or a series of movies over time. However, don’t expect more content from this world in the near future; just remember the timeframe from season 2 to 3.

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