The Orville season 3 finale perfectly shows what series is all about

The Orville New HorizonsEntering The Orville season 3 finale, we had almost no idea as to what to expect and in the end, the show was better for it.

“Future Unknown” was not some high-stakes action set piece, and nor was it an episode that traveled extensively outside of the ship. Instead, it was a focus on what truly matters the most: The people. This is a work of science fiction, but it is also a character study. At the heart of this episode was really a story about two individuals trying to determine what their future together would look like. With Dr. Finn, you had someone who had to confront questions of aging along with whether or not Isaac would be a suitable parent for her children. Meanwhile, Isaac needed to understand what being a companion truly meant, even though he is not capable of direct love or affection. His vows reflected that as he married the doctor, noting that while he could not express emotion, he wanted to avoid “error” — which he experienced when the two were previously uncoupled.

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Everything around the wedding was simply, yet both touching and at times funny. The bachelor / bachelorette parties offered up some levity after a few serious episodes, and we also saw the welcome return of Halston Sage as Alara for the final reception at the end. This was a great callback, and not the only one as the other story in the episode revolved around Lysella, who had to confront her guilt leaving her developing world for a ship with advanced technology and a very different future. This was classic Orville — a storyline about a difficult moral quandary and the various components at play throughout it.

How can you watch this episode and not want a season 4? We understand there may be some who wanted more of a direct follow-up to the death of Charly Burke or something that expanded further the threats facing the Union. However, sometimes it’s just wonderful to spend some time aboard the ship and with these characters we love so much. It reminded us of one of our favorite video games in Mass Effect where amidst all the missions, you could just get back on board your space-faring vessel and hang out with various crew members. This was always our favorite part, since it made the game more about going from point A to point B.

“Future Perfect” was (dare we say) a perfect coda to season 3, and hopefully not the end of the series overall While there was no cliffhanger, we at least feel like Lysella would make a lovely full-time addition and it is clear that Seth MacFarlane and the writers could come up with more adventures for this crew from here on out.

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