The Challenge USA episode 5: Were Azah & Cinco eliminated?

The ChallengeThe Challenge USA episode 5 had the potential to be amazing from the get-go — after all, think about what just happened! We recently witnessed the shocking elimination of Xavier and Shan from the game, and we were left to wonder what this would do to Big Brother as a team.

Of course, we have to kick off this episode by talking about the new duos: Danny & Angela, Derek & Cayla, David & Alyssa, Tyson & Cashay, Enzo & Kyra, Kyland & Shannon, Domenick & Desi, Cinco & Azah, Ben & Justine, and Leo & Sarah. Of this group, Danny & Angela easily felt the most dominant, while Sarah was less than pleased to be paired up with Leo — who we personally love as a ridiculous character on this show.

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The main challenged – Barreled Treasure! There was a heavy swimming component to this, but also a memory one since you had to identify barrel numbers on land based on what you saw in the ocean. The big problem for Tyson came when Cashay screwed up on the barrels, which caused the two of them to have to go back into the water. The crazy thing is that Tyson & Cashay still won! That’s what happens when you don’t give up.

Despite Leo getting the comedy edit for most of the episode, he and Sarah were able to beat Cinco & Azah, who were in last and automatically are heading to the Arena at the end of the episode.

The decision – With Cinco & Azah not giving Tyson & Cashay any info on who they’d want to battle, that left them to make their own decision. Cayla & Derek were an easy option, given that it wouldn’t cause any problems with their current alliances. However, Cayla brought to Tyson some fascinating news about Ben: He seems to be upset with his continued winning.

The shocking news

Leo & Sarah were put in! It was a little surprising that Tyson would do that, but this clearly was all about him looking at a chance, regardless of reality TV affiliation, to get rid of a threat. Sarah is that.

Here’s the hilarious thing: Everyone has given Leo a hard time about his ability in some of these challenges, but he actually came up with a brilliant plan as to how to handle this. They worked together extremely well in this challenge and Cinco & Azah never really stood a chance. We do feel for Cinco since this was his dream, but watching him and Cashay was just awkward due to their past relationship.

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