Is Yellowstone season 5 new tonight on Paramount Network, 7/17?

YellowstoneIs Yellowstone season 5 new tonight on the Paramount Network? This has certainly been an eventful week for the show, but will that turn into more new episodes sooner rather than later?

It goes without saying, but we’d absolutely love to be able to dive more into Dutton Ranch soon, especially given the big stories that are currently left over there. John Dutton is running for Governor, Beth now has key information she can hold against Jamie, and Kayce just underwent a transformative experience. This is information that will likely be a key focus of the season 5 premiere, let alone the weeks ahead!

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Unfortunately, this is where we come bearing the bad news: There are no answers coming until Sunday, November 13. That is when the Kevin Costner series is current poised to return.

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The most surprising reveal was the lack of producer and acting-based nominations for Yellowstone at the Emmys this year, despite it being the #1 show on cable and a cultural phenomenon. While it may be disappointing, we don’t see this as all that much of a bad thing here. It’s not going to hurt the ratings; instead, we think the snubs will be an almost-galvanizing force for fans who think that awards-show voters just don’t “get it.”

We know the cast remains at work shooting new episodes, it does sounds like some great stuff is ahead for Beth in particular. The biggest bummer about the snubs is that we won’t get as many interviews featuring the cast over the next several weeks. Clearly, that is something we’ll be waiting on for at least a good while without the Emmy nods.

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What are you the most excited to see when it comes to Yellowstone season 5?

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