Ted Lasso season 3 spoilers: Is a Ted, Nate ‘reckoning’ ahead?

Ted Lasso season 2Ted Lasso season 3 is going to be coming to Apple TV+ a little later this year, and we absolutely know that there’s a lot of big stuff around the corner.

So what should you look forward to the most here? Well, for starters, much of the story has to revolve around Nate Shelley. Ted helped him to find a voice and a better spot within AFC Richmond but over time, Nate felt abandoned. He also was feeling like he was constantly under-appreciated despite coming up with some of the team’s best ideas. This led to his villainous heel turn and, eventually, him selling out Ted to the press over his panic attacks. He eventually left the club for his spot as the manager for West Ham, and there is a LOT of drama set to come along the way.

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Speaking to Us Weekly about some of what could be coming, Nick Mohammed (fresh off of a well-deserved Emmy nomination) noted that there could be a “reckoning” coming for his character alongside Ted. He also did his best to analyze where the Nate character is at the start of this season:

“All I can say is expect more of a roller-coaster and there’s some brilliant and lovely twists and turns along the way … I think his actions are villainous. I think he’s got all the makings to be a villain because like almost all villain origin stories, they come from a place of neglect, insecurity. Nate has got bag-fulls of that. And we know already that his relationship with his dad is quite toxic and that he doesn’t really have a support network. And particularly in season 2, that’s really evident because part of the reason why he feels abandoned by Ted is because he doesn’t have anybody else. And so it’s not Ted’s fault. Ted is busy with his own issues and his own demons. And so perhaps if Nate did have that support, whether it be a relationship or better family support or Ted was more on the scene with him, he wouldn’t be making so many bad decisions.”

Ultimately, we do think a guy like Nate is still capable of redemption given that there were some good qualities we saw from him back in season 1. We don’t think that he is a lost cause, but things will probably get worse before they get better.

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What do you think could be coming for Ted and Nate moving into Ted Lasso season 3?

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