Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Likely nominations (day 10)

Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli Big BrotherThe Big Brother 24 nomination ceremony is set to happen in a matter of hours, and we’ve got a good sense here of what is set to happen.

For anyone out there who missed the update earlier, Jasmine is the new Head of Household — she may be wandering around on crutches, but she still has the power and is planning what she wants to do for the week.

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It took a few hours this morning to get things set in stone, but it looks as though Turner and Pooch are going to be nominated. (With names so close to Turner and Hooch, it feels perfect that they would be up there opposite each other.) We know that Jasmine’s ideal target for the week is Pooch, but she, Indy, and Ameerah have figured out that the two guys are working together. It’s an opportunity to both split up some potential allies and eliminate a physical threat.

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There is still a big chance that things go awry here — remember that Jasmine probably won’t be good in any physical competition given her ankle! If Turner or Pooch when the Veto, Taylor becomes the replacement nominee. There’s still a chance that she stays in that situation, but we think the odds are better if it is her versus Pooch as opposed to Turner. The best thing that she can do at this point is just lay low and make some good friendships — help people to realize more that she is not the person Paloma claimed her to be (if possible — some of these people are MAD delusional).

Who do you want to see leave the Big Brother 24 game this week?

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