Only Murders in the Building season 2: Is Nina a red herring?

Only Murders in the Building season 2We’re only three episodes into Only Murders in the Building season 2 and yet, there are suspects aplenty. How could anyone be surprised by this? We’re talking about a show here that loves to ask questions and befuddle us all, and we tend to think that they are doing a very good job at it so far.

If we are to talk a little bit further about the leading contender right now to be Bunny’s murder, then of course we have to mention Nina. Isn’t she the leader in the metaphorical clubhouse right now? We know that she’s ruthless, just as she was also very willing to play the long game with Bunny. For months, she led her to believe that they were on the same page when it comes to the future of the Arconia! As it turns out, though, that could not be further from the truth … she was just waiting for her chance to take over and try to revolutionize the building.

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When it comes to her simple thirst for power and control, Nina has somewhat of a motive. With that being said, did she really have the means or the opportunity? She clearly knew a lot about the building, but that doesn’t mean she would know about all of its secrets as of yet. She also has little reason to pin anything on Charles, Oliver, and Mabel, other than maybe them being in the perfect place at a perfect time to be set up. The murder for power alone is also somewhat flimsy, unless she found a way to turn her position into a substantial amount of money, and there is no indication that this would be coming her way.

For now, Nina feels like the perfect red herring — someone for us to think about and obsess over for a week between episodes. It feels FAR too early for now for the true murderer to be revealed, so we’d say to continue scratching your chins and thinking about other possibilities.

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Do you think that Nina is a red herring on Only Murders in the Building season 2?

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