Only Murders in the Building season 2: Was Bunny’s murder group effort?

Only Murders in the Building season 2Are you ready for another Only Murders in the Building season 2 theory? There is a new episode coming on Tuesday and leading into that, we have a lot to consider when it comes to the central subject of Bunny’s murder.

One of the things that we are perhaps the most stuck on is the near-constant claims that the culprit here comes as a surprise. We’ve heard that in multiple interviews, but several of the suspects right now feel somewhat predictable. Take, for example, new building manager Nina, who got more of a spotlight during episode 3.

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Of course, almost any singular person discussed or focused on this season could be thought of as a suspect, whether it be Uma, Alice, Amy Schumer, Ivan the waiter, or even Leonora. So how could the writers still surprise? By having there be multiple criminals — co-conspirators, if you will!

Rather than plucking names out of a hat here, we want to focus here specifically on relationships that are already established. Take, for example, Harold and Uma. It’s clear that the two had quite the fascination with the Rose Cooper painting, no? Is it possible that they are putting on a performance here when they showed off the apartment earlier this season? Uma was closer to Bunny than most in the building. She may have understood its proper value.

Another possibility is that Nina worked with the entirety of the Arconia board (or at least some of them) to do this and with that, they all gain more emphasis and a better status. There are others in the building, as well, who could facilitate it — including the doorman Lester. If Nina is responsible for what happened, she would most likely need help. Remember that she’d be thought of as a suspect immediately if her conversations with Bunny ever came out. She would probably need to give herself an alibi, for example, and have someone else do the killing.

When you think about a lot of the moving parts right now around Bunny’s death, it is difficult to fathom how anyone could have pulled off every facet of it alone and not been caught. The act includes not just the murder, but also the frame job on the trio and the moving of the painting. It would take someone with a huge understanding of the building and its secrets, and Nina clearly knows a lot. So do Uma and Howard. Even if just two of the three were involved, it would be a stunning reveal — and almost everyone in the building is pretty familiar with the podcast. Do some of these people want them gone from the Arconia ASAP?

Of course, the big question left is motive. Is one particular painting reason enough? Perhaps, but moving up in the Arconia board is a little bit of a stretch … but there may be more to it than we know. Hopefully, Tuesday’s episode will at least offer some more breadcrumbs as to what to expect from here.

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Do you think Bunny’s murder on Only Murders in the Building could be a group effort?

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