P-Valley season 2 episode 7 spoilers: Coping with death

P-Valley season 2

Following the events of tonight’s P-Valley season 2 episode 7, it absolutely makes sense to want to look ahead. What can you expect to see the rest of the way? Of course, there are some things to talk through within this piece.

First and foremost, let’s give you a reminder that there are, in fact, ten episodes this season as opposed to the eight we got for season 1. That means that we’re not close to the end of the season just yet, and there are four more stories left as a whole. That’s of course, exciting, but what’s going to be coming in terms of the story?

Well, we’re anticipating that there is going to be a lot of emotional stuff coming up; it’s hard to think about anything else after the last two episodes. In episode 5, we saw the backstory of Keyshawn and everything that she’s gone through. Meanwhile, this weekend’s episode dove into the relationship between Lil Murda and Big Teak, one that ended in heartbreak and tragedy as Teak took his own life. He couldn’t take the pain anymore; now, Lil Murda is left with pain of his own. He has to navigate the world now after experiencing something like this right in front of him. That is heartbreaking, soul-crushing, and just about every other terrible word you can think of in your mind.

Beyond just this, there is more story clearly to tell for Terricka after that pregnancy reveal. She has a lot to think about when it comes to her future, and we know that Mercedes will do everything that she can to help her navigate this. Their relationship has gone through a lot of ups and downs, but we saw at other points in this episode that Mercedes wants to do her best to be there for her.

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Where do you think that the story is going to go moving into P-Valley season 2 episode 6?

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