The Boys season 3: EP talks big Starlight – Compound V decision

Starlight The BoysOver the course of the past several days, there has been quite a big discussion when it comes to Starlight and The Boys season 3. What’s at the center of it? Think in terms of Compound V.

Recently, we saw Erin Moriarty’s character do what she can in order to help Kimiko get some of her powers back — powers that, for a time, she tried to shun away. However, she has also been defiantly against Hughie having said powers, which we also know now could end up killing him.

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So what’s the difference between Hughie and Kimiko when it comes to the V? There are some distinctions, and showrunner Eric Kripke was happy to dive into that in a post on Twitter:

[Starlight is against Hughie wanting V because his] craving was selfish, to make himself feel macho & save a woman who doesn’t want saving. Kimiko’s is a selfless sacrifice that’s a burden to her, to protect a man who welcomes the protection. Big difference.

We also think it is different because Kimiko knows and understands her abilities, and isn’t trying to use them for the same reasons that Hughie was. She had them for a long time and she wants to embrace this part of who she was. Hughie’s path is different, and his power was his empathy and the way that he listened and understood. That is slowly going away under the influence of V.

If things continue to go down the road that they are for Hughie and Starlight, there’s a good chance that these two won’t end up together. We’re not giving up hope for them, but it’s going to be a tricky road ahead in the finale.

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What do you think we’re going to see happen with Hughie and Starlight on The Boys season 3 finale?

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