Westworld season 4 episode 2 preview: Connections & familiar themes…

Westworld season 4

As you are probably well aware at this point, Westworld season 4 episode 2 is poised to arrive this weekend on HBO. It should be a riveting hour of TV, but also one containing a number of questions.

We’ve already discussed in the past the mysterious nature of Christina (Evan Rachel Wood), and how there are clear echoes to Dolores within her. She works, after all, in the world of video-game design: She is constructing narratives, which does have that connection to what we saw in the early seasons. This is a character who also has a decided routine, and we know that as a Host, this is something that Dolores experienced aplenty.

None of these ideas are meant to be coincidences; there could be even more thematic references to past seasons moving forward. In speaking on that recently to i09, here is what executive producer Lisa Joy had to say:

“We were interested in looking at the way that history tends to repeat itself, or at least rhyme with itself over time … I think that as we progress, the lens has gone from being in the pilot, basically Host-based, to a more even split between Hosts and humans, as we’ve kind of shifted the gaze of the narrative. We’re trying to explore the similarities and differences between the two species here—and so in doing so, it’s been helpful to reference the way in which everybody, even humans, live in these kind of loops and find themselves stuck in a rut or seeming to be unable to change their circumstances or even behaviors that they don’t want or like about themselves. That’s been a recurring theme, just exploring through a different angle.”

Of course, the real question is whether there are more explicit connections between Christina and Dolores, and that’s where we get to things that are almost impossible to answer right now. To the surprise of no one, the producers remain 100% invested in keeping their cards close to the vest.

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Do you think that Westworld season 4 episode 2 will deliver a few surprises this weekend?

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