The Boys season 3 episode 7: Is Black Noir in big trouble?

Black NoirAs we prepare ourselves for The Boys season 3 episode 7, one thing feels abundantly clear at the moment — Soldier Boy has a plan. He is taking out members of his former team Payback and in episode 6, it looked as though all signs were pointing towards Black Noir — and not in a particularly positive way.

Instead, it looks at the moment like this character is about to find himself facing a life-or-death problem, and there’s a reason why he ripped out the tracker.

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Over the first few seasons of the show, Noir has been an addition to the show constructed mostly around comedic fodder. We know that he’s capable of some gruesome, awful stuff, but one of the running gags is that he’s always just kind of … there. He never speaks, and you rarely ever get a sense of where his head is at. This could be a huge problem for him in episode 7. If he can’t explain anything to Soldier Boy or justify his supposed actions, he’s toast. It’s likely a reason why he is on the run, and the question then becomes whether or not he is found.

At this point, has the Seven ever been more fractured? Just think about that for a moment. Starlight just quit, Noir is on the run, Queen Maeve is totally MIA, and A-Train’s future is in total jeopardy. This is without even mentioning Supersonic being killed earlier this season. Not much of a team, is it? Sure, there is The Deep, but it seems based on the events of this past episode like he is fixated on … let’s just say other things.

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Where do you think the story will go for Black Noir on The Boys season 3 episode 7?

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