Big Brother 24: How will a shorter season impact the show?

Big Brother 23If you missed the news from yesterday, Big Brother 24 is now officially confirmed to have a 82-day season. So what exactly does that mean? This is the shortest season of the series in a good decade, and there are a few little tweaks that may need to happen to accommodate the show into that amount of time.

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Here’s what we think won’t be changing: There will most likely still be 16 people taking part in the season. We also believe personally that we’re going to have a final two. Even though we’ve wondered for ages if this show would pull a Survivor, we think winning at final two is all the more impressive if you’re a great player.

There are also some changes we hope the show avoids at all costs. Take, for example, the idea of getting rid of someone in the first couple of days of the season. Is there anyone who actually wants that? If there is, it’s hard to imagine what would make them excited about the idea. There are better ways to shorten the season that don’t involve short-changing someone who worked really hard to be cast.

One solution? Make sure you have a couple Double Evictions (please, no triples) and ensure you don’t bring anyone back. Or, you do a fast-forward week where you have two HoH cycles in the span of seven days, just not in a DE format. Our favorite idea, though, is just that you make the game move faster from final five until the end. Things always move at way too slow a pace at that point, and we like for the house to be populated as long as possible. It’s almost always better that way.

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What do you think will be the consequence of Big Brother 24 being a little bit shorter?

What do you imagine is going to change when it comes to the game itself? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! After you do just that, be sure to come back for other updates you do not want to miss. (Photo: CBS.)

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