House of the Dragon: Could its success impact Jon Snow series?

Game of Thrones Jon Snow

There is a lot going on right now within the Game of Thrones universe — or at least more than we’ve seen in a really long time.

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Later this summer, you are finally going to see the premiere of House of the DragonThis is of course the long-awaited prequel to the original HBO series, and it is set to document House Targeryan many years before Daenerys ever came to exist. There’s a lot to be potentially-excited about here, even if we realize that a lot of people still have a bad taste in their mouths from the original Game of Thrones finale.

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Now, remember the bombshell report from earlier this week that there COULD be a Jon Snow spin-off down the road set after the events of the original show. While nothing is confirmed, this could be the biggest “get” for this franchise possible: A show starring one of their most popular characters. If the story is right it could work, but the success of House of the Dragon could impact whether or not it truly gets off the ground.

We’ve already seen HBO now bank extremely hard on this franchise, even canceling one potential series starring Naomi Watts when the pilot didn’t work as planned. They’ve invested a lot with the assumption that the series finale of Game of Thrones will not have scared people off. House of the Dragon needs to be a huge hit for them, and we are anticipating a gargantuan promotional campaign for it. Otherwise, it’s possible that Jon and all other spin-offs could fail to really get off the ground at all … even if that’s the last thing we really want.

Do you think House of the Dragon will give HBO more confidence about the future of the franchise?

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