The Boys season 4: Will Giancarlo Esposito be back as Stan Edgar?

The Boys

Based on the events of this past episode, it’s fair to assume that Stan Edgar could be MIA for some of The Boys season 3 moving forward. After all, the character was arrested!

With that being said, is Giancarlo Esposito for sure done this season? There’s always a chance that he turns up again but for the time being, it seems like the writers are planning to keep him under-the-radar for the time being … and for a pretty understandable reason.

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Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, executive producer Eric Kripke noted the following about Stan’s status, noting that the door is always open for him to return:

“I think Stan is on his heels, at least for this season. If there are more seasons … I would never count Stan Edgar out. But he’s in a certain amount of trouble for now.”

Well, here’s the good news if you haven’t heard at the moment: There ARE going to be more episodes of The Boys! The show was recently renewed for a season 4 and with Better Call Saul now ending, there could be more room in Esposito’s schedule. Granted, the writers will still need to balance things out with The Mandalorian, given that he is a major part of the story there, as well.

Vought wasn’t exactly a happy place with Stan running the show, but here’s the legitimate fear the rest of season 3: Homelander may have a stranglehold on the operation. With Stan, he would shove aside ethics for the sake of profits; Homelander, meanwhile, will do it just for the sake of his own ego. It’s all he fundamentally cares about, and he could cause a significant amount of damage before this batch of episodes comes to a close.

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What do you think the story arc could be for Stan Edgar entering The Boys season 4?

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