The Boys season 3 episode 5: Homelander, Soldier Boy, and fear

HomelanderEven though we are already halfway through The Boys season 3, rest assured there is still some awesome stuff ahead! The reveal of Soldier Boy at the end of episode 4 is a big game-changer for everyone, especially in terms of what he did to Kimiko.

Is Jensen Ackles’ character a guy who can make Supes suddenly feel human? What are the ramifications of that? Absolutely, this is some interesting stuff to think about and discuss.

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Speaking in a new interview with Variety, showrunner Eric Kripke gets more into the threat that Soldier Boy is to Homelander, and how this is a fun situation to watch play out:

“We need him to become an existential threat to Homelander … We said, what would be the scariest thing to Homelander? And the scariest thing in the whole world to Homelander is just to be a regular dude. So giving Soldier Boy these blasts of sort of radioactive, walking-Chernobyl power that are frying the Compound V out of supes’ systems is going to make him very, very scary to Homelander. And that was really the goal. And then once we had set on that, we said, oh, wait, Kimiko this whole time is dying to get away from her powers. Let’s have him blast her.”

By the end of season 3, it’s our hope that there are numerous showdowns between Homelander and Soldier Boy where some of these fears further manifest themselves. Even without the power-siphoning, it’s still clear that this could be someone in terms of power Homelander hasn’t faced before. This guy cares deeply about his ego and sense of self-importance; what happens when someone else is a threat to it?

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What do you want to see from Homelander and Soldier Boy on The Boys season 3 episode 5?

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