Animal Kingdom season 6 debate: Who could die next?

Animal KingdomAs we prepare ourselves for Animal Kingdom season 6 on TNT, it feels inevitable we prepare ourselves for death. This is, after all, very much ingrained into what this show is. This is a brutal show about a family of criminals and with the things that they do, you know they won’t make it out alive.

After all, plenty of them haven’t made it out alive already — the death of Smurf still stands out as the biggest moment of the series.

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So will at least one Cody die in the final season? That feels almost inevitable, mostly because they’ll continue to put themselves in danger. In a lot of ways, Craig’s death could be the most tragic given that he is a new father and he has a lot to try and live for; however, he’s still making bad choices and we don’t think he’s that great at pivoting when out in the field. It’s actually easier to imagine him dying than either Deran or J.

Emotionally, though, the death that would hit us the hardest is Pope, and it’s possible that this is what the writers will emphasize. He is the guy who probably could’ve had a different life were he in a different place at a different time; so much of him was born out of trauma and the training of being under Smurf’s wing. It has left a sheen on him that in the end, will be hard to ever get off. He’s trying, but with Catherine’s body discovered, it may be too little, too late.

We will say this about J — he’s probably the character who could cause the most carnage long-term if he lives. He has the best criminal mind, though he can’t quite execute in the same way as the others.

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Who do you think could die next moving into Animal Kingdom season 6?

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