The Resident season 5 finale ends on Conrad, Billie, Cade ‘cliffhanger’

The ResidentDid tonight’s The Resident season 5 finale end on a cliffhanger? Sure, but not one where lives were necessarily in danger.

Instead, much of the story of this episode was about seeing if Dr. Conrad Hawkins was going to be able to move on after losing Nic at the start of the season. It was a journey through his memory and it led us to a very important conversation between the two — one where they encouraged each other to move forward if one of them were to pass away. He finally realized that it would be okay to love again, and it would not be a disservice to his grief. He could not think or operate in that way.

Does this mean that Matt Czuchry’s character has chosen to be with Billie or Cade? Not so much. The finale ended with him considering the situation he was in and moving forward, we will see how things play out.

Speaking to TVLine, here is some of what executive producer Andrew Chapman had to say about the finale, and the storyline that will eventually resolve itself:

The whole season has been, in a weird way, built around the loss of Nic — about grief, about coming back from grief and learning to live again. Thematically, the whole show has been about mortality and how you embrace mortality, embrace the loss of others and move on with your life. Given that we had Billie already on the show, and then we got Cade — and she was fantastic and a great character — we just loved the idea that, at the end of this season, Conrad would be ready to move on, but we weren’t going to make that choice yet. We felt like that wouldn’t be appropriate to the whole idea of grief and moving on. Making the choice is for the premiere of next season, and in fact, we have an idea laid out of what exactly it will be, and how we’ll lay it out to the audience. That will be an entirely new idea.

The writers have already determined behind the scenes who Conrad will be with and for a while now, we’ve learned in the direction of Billie. We do want Cade to be happy as well, which is why if she and Conrad don’t end up together, there better be a chance for her to find either love or contentment elsewhere.

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