This Is Us season 6 episode 14 promo: Is Sophie or Cassidy the one?

This Is UsTuesday night is going to bring us This Is Us season 6 episode 14 and at this point, we don’t have to tell you this is important. “The Night Before the Wedding” is the most important episode we’ve seen in a while for Kevin Pearson’s future.

After all, consider the situation he is now in. The writers are setting it up that there are three possibilities for the character romantically: Sophie, Cassidy, or the wedding singer Arielle. Will he end up with any of them?

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The first thing we imagine a lot of people doing is rolling their eyes at the idea of someone coming out of the blue and being a contender to end up with Kevin. Yet, this is also reflective of how things work sometimes in life! The best potential partner can be someone you never expect; however, didn’t This Is Us already do this story earlier this season with Nicky? It felt like he was going to end up with Sally, only for him to meet Edie on the plane ride home.

Regardless of whether he ends up with Sophie or Cassidy (if he ends up with either of them), there is a chance for him to be happy — and really, either of these endings would make sense when you consider the journey that he’s been on. This is a guy who has long worked in order to find himself, and each one of them could represent how far he’s come. With that being said, we really need to see him put in the work to earn Sophie back, provided she’s no longer married and even available. He’s broke her heart multiple times in the past, and that has to be a consideration in everything now.

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What do you think that Kevin is going to do moving into This Is Us season 6 episode 14?

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