‘Shahs of Sunset’ season 2 review: GG tries to make peace, Omid and Mike get heated

Shahs of SunsetOn tonight’s episode of “Shahs of Sunset”, Reza asks Asa to meet with GG (and the group) at Sammy’s place to talk out the fight.  Asa apprehensively says yes, but she’s worried that all of the negativity will affect her first performance just a few days later.

Reza later meets up with GG alone and she tells him that she understands that her violent actions were out of hand, and tries to explain that what Asa said trigger feelings from her childhood, but Reza tells her she needs to get control of  her feelings before they turn violent.  He suggests that she humble herself to each member of the group so that everyone will have a chance to air out their feelings.  GG decides to follow Reza’s advice and agrees to the dinner at Sammy’s place.

After her meeting with Reza, GG meets with her anger therapist to help channel her feelings in a more positive way.   She wants to learn that every situation is not a “win or lose” situation and there are other outcomes.

Later at Sammy’s house the group meets for dinner so that GG and the group can could talk about what happened. We also learn that Mike is upset, because he has heard that Omid has been talking smack behind his back, so there is more tension going on at this dinner then just GG and everyone.    When Omid gets to the dinner, he acts like everything is fine with Mike, but the tension is there.   Before GG has a chance to say anything, Mike starts picking on Omid about what was allegedly said about him behind his back.   Omid says that it’s actually the opposite and that he heard Mike talked smack behind his back and that’s when he started running his mouth too.  Mike gets really angry as the fight goes from zero to sixty in just a few minutes and Mike stands up, looking to fight Omid and Sammy is holding him back.  Omid eventually stands up too and starts getting aggressive back at Mike, talking about stabbing him with a knife.  GG takes the knives from the table and walks Omid out of the party to calm him down (we loved that GG took Omid outside instead of freaking out).  Reza asks GG to come back to the table and she does, but Asa threatens to leave because of how badly the dinner has already gone with Mike and Omid.

MJ sits down with her mother and tells her that this summer has been the most important of her life, because she is making a breakthrough in her therapy when it comes to dealing with what her mother did to her.  MJ asks her to come with her to meet with her therapist and she says that MJ needs to get over what happened in the past and move forward and her mother gets up and leaves – but just when we think she’s left the building, she returns to the table and tells MJ that she will go with her to therapy.

At the therapy session Dr. G has them both tell each other what they “need” from each other and after they list off what they need, Dr. G tells MJ’s mother that she is still trying to mother her because she lost those early years.  MJ  is really proud of her mother for going to the therapy session (and we are too.)

Were you happy to see GG handle the situation between Omid and Mike in a calm and positive manner?  Were you surprised that after the way GG handled the situation with that Asa was ready to up and leave?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think and if you didn’t have a chance to read our interview with GG then be sure to check it out and see what she had to say about her fight with Asa here.

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