‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4, episode 11: Ian Somerhalder, hunting teacher

Ian SomerhalderWhen you are living as a little kid even in a supernatural world, we have a hard time thinking that someone is going to say that they want to be a vampire hunter when they grow up. Nonetheless, this is the position that one Jeremy Gilbert finds himself in during Thursday night’s “The Vampire Diaries” season 4 episode, as he will be continuing his training courtesy of someone who knows first-hand just how to take down a vampire.

Is Jeremy really that receptive to Damon’s teaching methods? Not really, but he realizes that with Elena not around at the moment, Ian Somerhalder’s character really is his best option. The two are both clearly motivated to try and get his mark completed, and to obtain the cure. They obviously want to allow Elena some sort of opportunity to change her life, and we’re sure that Jeremy would love to be around her without some sort of nagging temptation within him that he should kill her for what she did to Connor Jordan.

Damon and Jeremy are part of what we are calling at the moment Team Klaus, whereas there are also two other camps currently working to make the cure their own:

Team Stefan – It’s really just him and Rebekah, and their relationship is something worth watching Thursday night.

Team Shane – With the help of Bonnie and a heap of information about Silas, the professor clearly has the advantage at the moment.

It’s clear that Damon and Jeremy are trying to get their advantage via brute force, but who’s to say that this is going to necessarily work?

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Photo: The CW

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