1883 season 1 episode 10 (finale): Tim McGraw on Elsa life-or-death crisis

1883As we prepare for the 1883 season 1 finale on Paramount+ this weekend, all eyes are on Elsa Dutton. To be specific, all eyes are on whether or not the character will survive. We know that she was shot by the arrow in episode 9 and at this point, she’s okay enough to ride on a horse. However, James more than expects that she won’t make it further than a short period of time, and he’s contemplating settling down wherever her life is over.

Of course, you can make the argument here that Elsa dies at the site of the future Dutton Ranch and with that, we have our full origin story for how it came to be. We’re still not 100% sure on that, though, given there are some ways that this story could still surprise.

So what is James thinking entering the finale? Is there any optimism on his part? Speaking to TVLine, star Tim McGraw noted “I don’t think he has any hope at all” when it comes to his character’s perspective on Elsa’s fate. That doesn’t mean she 100% dies, but things are absolutely not looking too great for her at the moment.

The only other case for optimism, at least for now, comes from the fact that no one has confirmed Isabel May’s departure from 1883. Also, Elsa narrates the show! Are you going to keep that trend going even after the character dies? It’s absolutely an interesting thing to think about for the time being. The show has already been handed more episodes by Paramount+, so clearly the story is going to continue one way or another. There’s also another prequel in 1932, and we’re sure some characters from this story will at least be mentioned there.

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