Power Book II: Ghost season 2 episode 9 spoilers: Zeke’s next move

Power Book II: Ghost season 2

As we prepare for Power Book II: Ghost season 2 episode 9 this weekend on Starz, one thing is clear: Zeke Cross is in a bad place. It’s kinda inevitable that he would be when you think about all he’s gone through in the span of the last two episodes alone!

Not too long ago, this guy thought he was a 19-year old trying to get himself a spot in the NBA. He was staying with his aunt Monet and by and large, he was shielded from their criminal operation. However, he’s now learned SO much more of the truth: He’s actually Monet’s son and if that wasn’t bad enough for him, he’s actually 23! While we still have questions about how this was never figured out before now, it’s stunning regardless. So much of his life was revealed as a lie and now, he has to face a pretty uncertain spot for himself as an NBA prospect. Teams aren’t going to be anywhere near as interested in a 23-year old player, thinking as though he’s already close to his ceiling. There’s a reason why a number of the top draft picks these days in real life are either 19 or 20 years old.

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In a new sneak peek at PopSugar, you at least get a better window into where Zeke’s head is at right now. He makes it abundantly clear that he doesn’t know how he is going to move forward, but his biological dad Mecca has some advice for him. He’s willing to pay for a private coach to help him while Zeke turns his focus away from Stansfield. If he’s good enough, then frankly it’ll be easier for the scouts to overlook his age.

There is one catch: Mecca wants Zeke to talk to his mother. Monet’s pretty much alone after enraging most of her other kids, so this relationship could be important for her as she figures out her own future. Also, clearly Mecca still wants a bond of his own with Mary J. Blige’s character.

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