Yellowjackets season 2: Could Van still be alive in the present?

Van, JellowjacketsThe first season of Yellowjackets was enormously compelling, and it also proved time and time again that there’s more going on in every timeline than we know. At the end of the finale, for example, it was confirmed that Lottie was still around in the present day, despite there being little direct sign of it beforehand. Clearly, a lot of other characters were eager to just move on with their lives; she, however, seems to be continuing her cult on some level. (Is Taissa also still practicing some rituals? That’s another issue for another day.)

For the sake of this article, though, we want to have a chat about Van — after all, she’s a character you could easily see still being out there in some shape or form. She’s survived so many other near-death experiences, so why wouldn’t she find a way to keep cheating death?

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At first glance, it would probably feel weird that we haven’t seen Van in any shape or form as of yet — then, you just take a moment to consider what happened in the finale. She made it clear that she was joining Team Lottie in the past, so there’s a reasonable chance that she’s still working alongside her in the present. There was also non indication at the high-school reunion that she was dead; there was a full-on remembrance for someone else who passed in Jackie.

It makes perfect sense that the likes of Shauna, Tai, and Natalie would just try their best to ignore Van’s existence if they don’t approve or endorse some of the things that she did. Of course, it’s also possible that Van ran out of her nine lives out there and we just didn’t see a tribute to her at the reunion. It could’ve still happened.

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Do you think we could meet Van in the present on Yellowjackets season 2?

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