‘The Biggest Loser’ review: Did Jillian Michaels’ losing streak end?

The Biggest LoserThus far on “The Biggest Loser,” we have not exactly seen smooth sailing for Jillian Michaels in her return to the franchise. One member of the white team made the decision to completely up and quit, whereas two other team members were simple eliminated after falling under the red line.

There was luckily no red line this season, and instead we had a little bit of a new matter of voting that actually turns this show into more of “Survivor”: at the end of the episode, the contestants go to a booth, and cast some of the votes on their own. We much prefer the old way; while it was not often completely fair, it was at least unique and you have to applaud that.

The sad thing for contestant Cate was that this meant the end of the road for her. Despite her team actually winning the prior challenge, she still ended up being sent home after losing just two pounds on the night. Meanwhile, Jillian’s team was safe despite her and Pam continuing to get into shouting matches, and the entire Blue Team made it through even though Bob Harper got a little angry and showed off some similar levels of discontent.

Ultimately, we do still have some pretty strong feelings about this season. Bringing in the youngsters at least serves as a reminder that there is something more going on here beyond a competition, and this “something new” is off the good kind (rather than the voting system). Meanwhile, Jillian provides that much-needed dose of TV nostalgia we were hoping for.

What did you think about this episode, and do you have a definite favorite now on the show? Be sure to share what you think below, and you can also read some more news from “The Biggest Loser” here.

Photo: NBC

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