Big Sky season 2 episode 8: Is Cassie’s father Joseph dead?

Big SkyGiven that Big Sky season 2 episode 8 was the final one of 2021, it goes without saying that some big stuff would transpire throughout. How could it not? The question was just what form it would take.

It was about five minutes before the end that our pulse really started to race, and that was due mostly to one thing: Ronald creeping up behind Cassie. We knew that he was free from Wolf and regardless of whatever he said in regards to Phoebe, he was still going to do whatever he wanted. This also is not the sort of character who tends to go down without a fight; if he was, there’s a good chance he would be dead already.

Rather than confronting Cassie, though, he ended up facing off with her father Joseph — is he dead? Given that the two had a dust-up and Ronald escaped, we more or less thought the worst. That was confirmed when, the next morning, Cassie walked into the office and discovered her father’s body. If she wasn’t looking to stop Ronald before, she’s going to do that now and then some. The closing scene was absolutely heartbreaking, and judging from what we saw, it’s hard to imagine that there’s a way to save him.

So where is Ronald now? Seemingly, back in the clutches of Wolf. He was out to track him down before he did something terrible — he was a little too late on that front, but we tend to think that he’s going to cart him right back up to his place and hold him captive once more. Wolf’s the sort of guy who tends to think that everyone can be reformed or re-taught. When is he going to realize that’s not the case here?

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