Survivor 41 episode 10 sneak peek: DeShawn, Shan look ahead

Deshawn Radden, Survivor 41Tomorrow night’s Survivor 41 episode 10 is just about here, and of course with that comes a wide array of different questions.

So where do we start things off here? Let’s start things off by saying this: The scramble apparently is going to kick off in a matter of minutes! Not long after the remaining eight players come back from Tribal Council, there will be a lot of conversation about where things go from here, and also who some of the big targets are.

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For Deshawn and Erika both, the two of them are feeling pretty confident that the next move needs to be taking an immunity idol out of the game. With Naseer over on the jury two remaining players have them in Xander and Shan. Both are especially dangerous since they’re also holding on to advantages. Erika seems more gung-ho about taking out Shan and there are good arguments for it: Xander is basically without any significant friends in the game at this point. It will be so much easier to go ahead and take him out.

Shan, meanwhile, sees Deshawn go off and speak with Erika and immediately becomes concerned by it. She recognizes just how dangerous a player he is in this game and because of that, she has all the reason in the world to suspect that he may be up to something.

Who will win out between these two? It’s still anyone’s game but for now, we love the back and forth between them — we’re seeing a really competitive season right now and both Shan and Deshawn are smart. They’ll do whatever they can to get to the end.

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