Survivor 41 episode 10 promo: Is Ricard in big trouble?

Ricard Foyé - Survivor 41Survivor 41 episode 10 is going to be on CBS this coming Wednesday, and with that, we’re poised to get an intense final eight showdown.

For the past couple of episodes, it does feel like something has been brewing between Shan and Deshawn. They are arguably two of the most powerful people left in the game in terms of their strategic know-how and because of that, each will continuously try to one-up the other. Deshawn doesn’t like to be “told what to do,” while Shan doesn’t like someone who is seemingly out to generate conflict.

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As we prepare for the next episode, it feels like the rubber could meet the road for the self-described “mafia pastor.” Ricard has long been one of Shan’s closest allies, even if they’d clashed here and there. Yet, Deshawn is now actively trying to get rid of him. Shan does have an alliance with Deshawn, Danny, and Liana, but will she continue to side with them long-term? It’s an interesting bit of drama for her to think about.

From our vantage point, it makes some sense for Shan to make a move and take Deshawn out now. He’s always going to be more loyal to Danny than her, while Ricard may not have a lot of other options, at least for now.

Where does Xander fit in to all of this now? We could still see him targeted, but he is still holding onto both his immunity idol and extra vote. He may need them, given that he doesn’t have a lot of other options.

For a few more specifics about the challenges, check out the full Survivor 41 episode 10 synopsis below:

“Baby with a Machine Gun” – After a grueling season with no food, a warm meal is up for grabs at the reward challenge, and the immunity challenge will be a test of focus and balance, on SURVIVOR, Wednesday, Nov. 24 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.

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