Succession season 3 episode 2: Shiv’s new ‘job’ and what it means

Succession season 3Succession season 3 episode 2 was one all about political jostling, job offers, and then whether or not any of those offers were real.

After watching this from start to finish, it’s clear at least to us that Shiv Roy is the character on the shakiest ground between Logan and Kendall. She’s not as easily influenced as someone like Roman, and she’s also not largely indifferent in the same way as Connor, who lives within his own bubble of narcissism and false narratives. She’s smart and capable, but recognizes there’s one thing she’s still lacking and desperately needs: A title. She still doesn’t have the experience needed to run Waystar, even if she has the skill set.

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For most of the hour, you see Shiv struggling to find her footing since maybe in some way, she recognizes what Kendall brings to the table: An opportunity to get away from her father and some of his lies. Yet, he also has no real plan. He failed to make a compelling argument to her at all about why he’d be the best leader for the future, or what sort of power she would get out of the arrangement.

This is, as a result, what leads her back to her father, who gives her the title of “President,” even if the title doesn’t mean much. She recognizes it’s a hollow position, but it is at least a certainty on her resume. It’s with the devil she knows, but it’s also a devil who may never fully get power again. Shiv’s plan could very well be ride the wave with Gerri and then hope that eventually, she has an opportunity to get a promotion once the board recognizes that Logan is forever bathed in toxicity.

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