Succession season 3 star on possible Gerri, Roman romance

Succession, GerriIs Succession season 3 really going to go there with Roman and Gerri as a couple? As unlikely as it may be, you have to wonder!

Ever since that bathroom scene last season (yep, conjure up those memories again!), there have been a few teases here and there that something could happen for these characters. That concept was played around with again in the premiere; the two didn’t hook up, but there was definitely some flirting prior to Gerri being named the temporary CEO of Waystar Royco.

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While there is certainly a LOT of material to dive into here if Succession ever pairs these two characters off, don’t expect this to be something that actually happens — at least in a way where the two end up happy. Here is what actress J. Smith Cameron (who plays Gerri) had to say on the matter to Entertainment Weekly:

“I don’t think Gerri thinks of them as a couple. I think they could run Waystar … [In] the world view of the show, the universe that is the Succession universe, nothing like that happens for any of these characters! They’re all thwarted in love. No one’s going to ride off into the sunset and be happy, I’m afraid.”

Regardless of whether or not these two characters ever end up together, it does feel like a foregone conclusion that there’s a lot more of this strange flirtation coming. The audience has responded to it! In that way, it really feels unavoidable.

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