Heels episode 8 (finale): The big Jack, Ace, and Crystal cliffhanger!

HeelsWe’ve now had a chance to check out the full Heels season 1 finale, and trust us when we say we’re going to be really sad if this show is not renewed.

After all, the episode managed to do two different but incredible things: Create an ending that feels enormously satisfying for the past eight episodes, while also set the stage for a fascinating season 2. For weeks on end, we’ve seen the writers build up towards the epic DWL showdown at the State Fair — a ladder match between Wild Bill, Jack, and Ace. At first, it started off on script, only for (of course) a LOT of things to go south.

The first major problem here was Wild Bill (literally) pooping his pants halfway through the match. For the record, this is based on real events in the wrestling world — look it up. With him too shamed to get up, Jack had to take over most of his content. Then, Gully got revenge on Jack and Ace by paying off people to show up, cheer for Jack (not planned), and then throw tissues in the ring. He know how much that triggers Ace, and also how much Alexander Ludwig’s character wanted to become a face. All of this led to Jack admitting to Ace, right in the middle of the match, that he was responsible for the tissues the first time but not this time … and that’s when the match turned into a full-on brawl.

In beating up Jack at the end of the episode, Ace got his full revenge for much of his brother’s actions and lies. Meanwhile, it also left the match without a winner until Crystal stepped in.

Having her win the championship belt is wonderfully fitting; she arguably cared more about wrestling than any character all season. She also went through so much, in between being mistreated by Ace, watching Bobby Pin suffer a terrible injury, and ultimately being kept away from wrestling for very few reasons other than sexism. She was forced to be Bill’s valet to even sniff the ring again but when chaos erupted, her training saved the DWL. Not only that, but people love her!

This cliffhanger sets the stage for great stuff for Crystal moving forward; we now just have to wait and see if we get it.

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