Survivor 41 episode 3 expectations: Who’s in the most trouble?

Survivor 41 CastWe’re starting to approach now Survivor 41 episode 3 on CBS tonight, so what is it that we could see transpire?

The first thing we’re hoping for, beyond just great drama, is that the game can start to settle itself down a little bit. There’s been WAY too many advantages/twists so early on, and it’s caused focus to be shifted away from alliances and also character-building. We know you have to surprise the contestants, but it feels like they could’ve cut some of the changes in half and still been just fine.

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Now that we’ve said that, let’s take a look at the three tribes to figure out what could happen with them.

Ua – Could tonight be when Brad meets the end of the road? We haven’t seen anything from this tribe as of late that makes us think he’s in good standing. He’s spying on his other tribe-mates, and the problem is no one trusts him to keep any secret! JD may be a threat, but it feels like he’s worked his way into a better spot since the premiere.

Yase – Xander better hope for either a tribe swap or for the immunity idol clues to be found elsewhere. It’s going to be hard to conceal his advantages at all, but if the latter happens, at least he buys himself a week of safety and he could look at getting out someone like Tiffany.

Luvu – This is, by far, the hardest tribe to figure out. At first, it looked like Naseer was in big trouble, but it feels like he’s started to win his tribe back to his side! We would think that either they’d just go the obvious route and get rid of the weakest player in challenges (possibly Tiffany), or make a big move against someone like Danny, who could be a threat down the road.

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What do you most want to see entering Survivor 41 episode 3?

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