NCIS season 19 episode 2 video: Mark Harmon’s Gibbs has a new office

GibbsIf you want to prepare yourself for NCIS season 19 episode 2 on Monday night, rest assured we’ve got a trio of sneak peeks that should help!

We were at one point worried that Mark Harmon would not be appearing as Gibbs within “Nearly Departed” but, thankfully, these aforementioned previews put our mind at ease. Gibbs has a heavy presence in them; not only that, but there are some fun moments here that make us nostalgic for when he was operating out of the main office.

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Take, for example, the first of the sneak peeks below. In this one, Jimmy is doing his best to set up a makeshift command center for Gibbs; however, Torres quickly points out that it’s basically the same setup as they have back at NCIS; heck, at one point Gibbs even comes storming in with coffee demanding an update! There’s something so heartwarming about seeing this play out, even if it’s in a different environment. (It’s also clear based on the “Bishop who?” line that Torres is still hurting.)

Meanwhile, the second preview shows a reunion between Gibbs and Marcie, who clearly is grateful that she didn’t accidentally have him killed. There’s also a really fun exchange between the two where she shows him how to zoom in on his tablet, something that she insists she told him about before. (We know how Gibbs is with technology.)

Finally, the third preview is an introduction to Alden Parker, an FBI Agent played by Gary Cole. McGee has him in interrogation, and he actually seems to be thinking that he’s a suspect to be the serial killer the team is tracking. Alden eventually asks Tim to cut the video feed, which suggests that he’ll tell him the truth, but doesn’t want any trail of it. Whatever he is doing in his investigation, it’s clearly something he wants to handle on the down-low.

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